Wisdom of the Zodiac: Virgo


The Abbott’s Sphinx Moth welcomes the incoming Virgo energy, and we have a new Wisdom of the Zodiac for every Virgo’s ever-filling handbag/backpack/canvas bag/tote.

The Sun traverses Virgo from 8/23 to 9/23, joined in part by Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon (New on 8/30), and the asteroid goddess Juno. Lessons and energies inherent to Virgo season, and those born with Sun or Moon in Virgo, or Virgo rising:


  • The purification of self, of Earth, of your creative work, of all you come in contact with.
  • Infusing everything you do with focused intention, transforming mundane acts into rituals
  • Expanding the concept of Medicine to include spiritual, mental, and emotional health—not just physical. Herbal medicine is particularly potent for Virgo.
  • Expressing love, compassion and support through acts of service
  • The joy in idiosyncrasy, in meticulous detail; the pleasure of learning what makes a thing unique.
  • Breathing in the eternal, the infinite, the holy, the unity of all beings
  • Working with wild or cultivated plants! Harvesting, collecting seeds, creating tea blends, arranging floral cuts, giving love to house plants
  • Asking for and accepting help. You really don’t have to do it all yourself.


  • Overworking. Try to relax and just be. But not too much!
  • Placing excessive value in appearances. Try to see beneath the surface, to the divinity in all of us.
  • The way you treat your digestive system. Just like astrology, a Virgo’s gut health always reflects what’s going on.
  • Extending your powers of critique too far from your sphere. Many folks don’t share your scruples, and they’re doing just fine. Try to let it go.
  • Holding on to and perpetuating your victimhood. Although these things were done to you, it doesn’t have to happen like that anymore.
  • Avoiding necessary confrontation or clearing-of-air, for fear of disrupting order.