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If the declination of Venus in a chart is greater than 23 degrees and 27 minutes north or south, this is considered Venus out of bounds. So what can this tell us about a person?

The Symbology of Venus

In astrology, Venus works as a symbol for a myriad of concepts: personal values, aesthetic tastes, patterns in relating both romantically and in friendship, the divine feminine, nature, women’s rights, financial standing… the list goes on. In the physical realm, Venus can represent women, cats, the kidneys, the arts, sweet foods, parties, certain crystals and flowers. Venus is a benefic planet, and generally brings in positive energies. But Venusian influences can often be over-indulged. Cue Libra, a Venus-ruled sign known for its fixations with balance and harmony. The spoils of Venus are best enjoyed in moderation.

Venus also makes an incredibly beautiful pattern in our sky:

Detail from James Ferguson’s, Astronomy Explained Upon Sir Isaac Newton’s Principles, 1799 ed., plate III, opp. p. 67.

The Out of Bounds Signature

So if Venus can show up in so many different avenues of our lives, how can we pinpoint and illustrate the Venus out of bounds signature? Well, to begin, Venus out of bounds simply does not operate within cultural norms surrounding the Feminine, relationships, art, or pleasure.

The Feminine

Although there are similarities between having a planet in debility (fall or detriment) and having a planet out of bounds, there are also strong distinctions. Venus and the concept of the Feminine makes a great example. When in Aries, Venus is “in debility” (which I like to translate simply as being “uncomfortable”), and so a person’s feminine is expressed in ways usually not associated with the Venusian archetype. In the case of Venus in Aries, the goddess has a strong Martial tint. So in many ways, it is quite an alternative Venus. But Venus in Aries is never-NEVER-out of bounds. How can we know this? Astronomy!

Venus out of bounds, however, does not flip or obstruct a person’s concept or experience of the Feminine. Rather, the positioning of Venus out of bounds seems principally to individuate one’s idea and expression of the Feminine, and secondarily, to either embolden this idiosyncratic Venus or to hide it away under the covers. We can find indications on how this secondary distinction plays out when we observe Venus’ sign placement (Cancer is clearly more private), Venus’ relationships with other planets in the natal chart (conjunct Uranus? OH, HELLO!), and her positioning North or South of the ecliptic bounds relative to the earthly hemisphere (northern or southern) of a person’s birthplace. Bringing all this together can get complicated.


In relationship, Venus out of bounds may be drawn to unorthodox structures and boundary systems. They may date someone of a very different age or station in life. They may be drawn to relationships that are extremely private, public, or both–it can depend greatly on who they are with. But I have to state here: having Venus out of bounds does not make a person better, worse, more fit, or less suitable for a functioning romance. There is just a more pressing need to ask oneself, and to determine with innermost truth, what a beautiful and satisfying relationship looks like. Because as with all out of bounds planets, Venus out of bounds makes its own rules when it comes to the Venusian realms.

Men with Venus out of bounds, for example, seem to relate more smoothly with the feminine than the masculine, and will likely maintain a lot of friendships with females. In such circumstances, these men (when straight) can be challenging to date, but must hold their ground, for these friendships with women are principal to their identity. Bear in mind what is encoded in the out-of-bounds scofflaw DNA: the Venus out of bounds lifestyle is not chosen out of intentional resistance to norms. These norms simply have never appealed to people with Venus out of bounds. And people with out of bounds planets must be true to themselves, or else they are living on the brink of rash and destructive expressions.


As for Venus’ artistic realms, the out of bounds signature is often revealed in idiosyncratic tastes and creations. If someone with Venus out of bounds devotes continual time and energy to their artistic leanings, their output will only become more and more reflective of their astounding uniqueness, as will the art/media in which they find pleasure and/or relation.

Speaking of pleasure, I have to wonder: does a person with Venus out of bounds enjoy chocolate in the same way that a traditional Taurean Venus would? So simple, Venus can be.


On the contrary (of course), I continually observe that each person with Venus out of bounds enjoys their own quirky and unconventional pleasures. These oddities can be found in the character of each individual Venus out of bounds. Is Venus in Cancer and opposite Mars? This Venus may enjoy naturally dying their hair in a small cozy bathroom while their cats do battle in the hallway. Just an idea.

Is Your Venus Out of Bounds?

If you’re curious about your Venus or the Venus of another, you can check your declination measurements with a simple tool on astro.com. Go to your natal chart and click “Additional tables (PDF)” above your birth data, and look for declinations higher than 23’27” north or south in the Planet Positions table.

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