From Monte, in Texas:

"For several years, my wife and I have been longing to move from our hometown to a place we feel is more aligned with our set of values and desired lifestyle. When we had a baby, that sense became even more pronounced. After doing some research, we stumbled upon an article on Astrocartography in the NY Times and were initially skeptical. However, we thought we’d give it a try.

"We reached out to Astro Phil as we were impressed by what we read about his practice and were immediately set at ease with his calm demeanor and openness to our numerous questions and initial trepidation. We had a list of cities and countries that we had either visited and liked or just heard about and he guided us through two rounds of why some would be positive for us for various reasons and why some would not. Phil not only read our charts to select the places that best fit our birth charts, he also meditated on the information we had given him about us to guide us even further. We now have a short list of places we must visit (or move)!

"Phil is such a kind soul and his authenticity shines through from the very first moment. It was a sincere pleasure to work with him and we would recommend him again and again to friends and family."

From Emily, in Pennsylvania:

"So I have had several astrologers read my chart, but I can honestly say Phil has been the most accurate and spot-on. He uncovered the hidden patterns beneath what you can actually see in my chart. The information he provided was literally spot-on. I was amazed!

"I did an AstroCartography reading, and he showed me some great options for moving. Phil was down to earth, easy to understand, empathetic, and kind. He will now be my go-to for astrology related things!"

From Holly, in Georgia:

"Astro Phil took me on a deep dive into the planetary, lunar, solar, and asteroidal influences on my life journey. In my AstroCartography reading, he pulled out the many threads of my natal chart and traced them across the globe as he inquired into my inhabitance and travels on earth, with my specific needs in mind.

"He absorbed the intricacy of my zodiacal constitution with deep attention and careful thought. The explorations he undertook on my behalf were thorough and inquisitive. He was generous with his time and patient in pausing for questions and further explanation. His reading gave me insight and, as a bonus, provided me a deeper understanding of the celestial realm and a curiosity to go further. I highly recommend an illuminating reading with Astro Phil."