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Venus in Retrograde Out of Bounds

Previous conventions are collapsing all around. Will the ingenuity of Venus out of bounds in Gemini help us create new, well-informed paths for ourselves?

Venus Out of Bounds

If the declination of Venus in a chart is greater than 23 degrees and 27 minutes north or south, this is considered Venus¬†out of bounds. So what can this tell us about a person? The Symbology of Venus In astrology, Venus works as a symbol for a myriad of concepts: personal values, aesthetic tastes, patterns […]

Out of Bounds Planets

The Mechanics For a planet to be classified as an out of bounds planet, it must be traveling through our sky at a remarkably high or low angle along the ecliptic–the path created forged by the Sun and Moon, occupied by the zodiacal constellations, that one strip of sky through which the first astrologers noted […]