I offer two main types of readings: Astrocartography readings and Birth Chart readings. The two are a bit like a Venn diagram, sharing a basis of information and branching off into their own territories. I am completely open to adjusting the contents of our reading to meet whatever needs you have!

Birth Chart

A birth chart reading is a delicious gift to the soul. Astrology as we know it has developed over thousands of years to include systems that speak to the health of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. We will review your soul’s blueprint, and discover ways to unite your powerful human will with your best self, your highest purpose, your deeply specific definition of joy and fulfillment. Astrology provides an accelerated path to this unification. 

Before our reading, I will spend determined, focused time studying the stars, planets, luminaries, asteroids and astronomical angles of your birth chart, taking extensive notes and consulting a variety of texts. My pre-reading research is a magical process in itself, full of surprises and learning as I seek to understand your beautiful complexities. If you have journeyed as far as reading this text, there is no doubt that the celestial beings have wisdom and counsel they are waiting to share with you. I, the astrologer, act as the medium, the go-between, as astrology helps you progress toward personal enlightenment. Each body and each soul requires spiritual alignment to shine in this world. And as we align ourselves, we bring the world closer to balance.


In best cases, moving to a new place can provide you with support, perspective, new learning, surprising relationships, spiritual development, expansive opportunities, unbreakable focus, and long-needed healing. All of us need different energies at different times in our lives, and sometimes, our surroundings seem to stand in the way of what we need. There are many, many valid reasons why we relocate. But oftentimes, the where isn’t so clear.

Lucky for us, there is Astrocartography! Also known as locational and relocational astrology, Astrocartography allows us to measure the energies and potentials that certain places on Earth hold for you. It is the perfect bridge between Astrology-based self-knowledge and the human will. 

Before our reading, I will combine your global and local energetic maps with a full understanding of your birth chart, and compile extensive notes on any places you find interesting. My research process can yield results that are surprising and exciting, as well as grounding and affirming.

Contrary to the escapist in all of us, relocation is not a full recalibration of your birth chart. You will still be you no matter where you land. Astrocartography allows you to amplify chosen energies, and to diminish others, but never to escape the work you need to do to align with your best self, your highest purpose. So keep this in mind. My role as your Astrocartographer is to assist in unifying your personal journey with the energetic imprint that Earth and the heavens have rolled out for you.

Astrocartography is also useful in ways other than relocation. The information provided can greatly inform where and how you travel the world or seek opportunities in spiritual advancement and business relations. It can also give clues to ancestral and past-life homelands, among other things. The information at hand seems boundless.

As for my personal experience, I have traveled the bulk of North America and Europe exploring my own Astrocartography lines and relocated charts, and I returned home years later with a trunkload of unexpected lessons, and a much more intimate knowledge of the technique. This article on the Astrocartography of Osho is a small window into my approach.

I would love to work with you through Astrocartography to further align your being and purpose with the stars and this Earth. Truly, it is my deepest honor. But first I must rely on you to ask. So reach out! Let’s begin our dialogue.

Information regarding the practical elements of these readings is listed on the linked pages. Please check them out!