a grounded approach to the heavenly ecosystem

Mercury’s retrograde from July 7th to the 31st joins the signs of Leo and Cancer, and includes a Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Capricorn (July 16th) and a Leo New Moon just hours before the retrograde ceases. Earth will also be receiving impactful energies from Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.

I’ve put together some notes to help us meet these energies and support our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health:

The Sun-Mercury conjunction central to this retrograde takes place July 21st at 28 degrees Cancer. In which house does this degree reside in your chart? This is the sector of your life that is asking for alchemy and reformulation.

The Sabian symbol of 28 Cancer is “A Greek muse weighing newborn twins in golden scales.” Any time that Mercury is in retrograde, close evaluation is called for. This symbol shows a being of magic, the muse, comparing two indistinguishable paths. When objective analysis and measurement—as with scales or any other method—yields only more stasis, more of what you already knew, it’s time to tune into your intuition, your magical self. 

If you allow yourself to be guided through this retrograde’s fluctuations with an open heart, and release your ego—letting go of what you think you want—you should emerge with a much clearer vision as the retrograde closes simultaneously with a New Moon in Leo. If at times you feel too cloudy to trust your gut, turn to divination with the Tarot or an oracle deck, or fly with the I Ching. Ask a person, a muse, in whose vision you trust, and who truly wants the best for you. Look for patterns around you. What plants or animals are appearing at potent moments, or frequently? Your dreams may hold clues as well, so if something feels important, allot it some waking attention. 

Good luck to you on this excursion through the underworld. As always, reach out here or through my instagram if you have questions or feedback. Or I’ll see you on the other side!

w/ Love,