Navigating the Ego: the Wisdom of Leo


The Sun traverses its favorite sign, Leo, from July 22nd to August 23rd, joined in part by Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon (New on July 31st), and the asteroid Juno. Lessons and energies inherent to Leo season, and those born with Sun or Moon in Leo, or Leo rising:

Being mindful of:

  • Overshadowing those around you. Everyone deserves time and space to glow in their way.
  • Becoming the cowardly lion. Reside in your power; don’t cower from it.
  • The borderlands between confidence and arrogance; devotion and fanaticism; leadership and authoritarianism; giving space and withdrawing care; humility and denial of self; pride and… well, prejudice
  • Being so fixated and inflexible that you miss opportunities to open up your life experience
  • True listening. Are you present, respectful, quiet, genuine?
  • The manner, rate, and material of your consumption. Want to be a fulfilled fire sign? Try mindful, moderated, conscious consuming of healthy fuel.
  • Doting on others to win their favor. You don’t have to be liked by all, and favor gained through doting is never held long, or given with innermost sincerity.

Opening up to: 

  • Your personal identity, mythology, and divinity
  • Having some carefree fun
  • Committing to a mission and consistently following through, especially in times when your light is being blocked or obscured
  • Simple creativity. Bring something to life.
  • Speaking your truths and being you without apology
  • Devotion—to another, to an ideal, to a community, to a faith, to a path. To your well-being!
  • Showing off that robust head of hair. If for no other reason, do it for the bald/ing ones.

This painting comes from Leo rising creative powerhouse Justin Belote.