Mars Out of Bounds


If the declination of Mars in a chart is greater than 23 degrees and 27 minutes north or south, this is considered Mars out of bounds. So what can this tell us about a person?

Mars in Astrology

In astrology, we understand Mars as a representative of energies that are associated with modern masculinity, whether tainted or divine. In Mars we see the light and dark sides of ambition, desire, action, confidence, raw energy, conflict, the assertiveness/aggression spectrum, speed, leadership, advocacy, selfishness, fear/fear-mongering…

The Out of Bounds Mars

When Mars is out of bounds in a birth chart, the martial energies can appear quite evolved if Mars has been properly worked with. Or, when left unaddressed, these energies can appear rather depraved. For better or worse, Mars out of bounds is very empowered by its positioning outside of the ecliptic’s borders.

When Mars out of bounds is further bolstered by a strong placement in the birth chart—on the ascendant, midheaven, or descendent, in a dignified (Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio) sign, or in positive angular relationship to another strong planet—well, watch out, world.

Out of Bounds Martial Action

Combined with the vision and perspective that comes with having an out of bounds planet, the martial ability to ACT on these unorthodox points of view has given us some incredible people who have changed modern history for the better. Whereas a Moon or Venus out of bounds may sit in inaction with their special knowledge, Mars out of bounds is moved to spread the out-of-bounds awareness and create positive change. If someone with Mars out of bounds notices an injustice, they are not liable to take rest until they feel they have done what is within their power to correct it.

Our Leaders from Mars Out of Bounds

These notable human contributors to our cultural evolution, to the greater energies of advocacy for the voiceless victims of toxic masculinity’s (toxic, mis-expressed Mars, Saturn and Pluto energies) recent historical dominance include: *Martin Luther King Jr.; Coretta Scott King; Karl Marx; Malcolm X; and Noam Chomsky. All have Mars out of bounds, as do the uncontainable artists Frida Kahlo, Robin Williams, David Lynch, and HP Lovecraft. I think we can all appreciate the divinely informed power of these people.

*Today is MLK Day in the United States. The inspiration for this post!

Is Mars Out of Bounds for You?

If you or someone you know has Mars out of bounds, such power is innate within. That said, everyone’s Mars is different, and the people listed above have very powerful Mars placements. Even someone with a difficult Mars placement, however, such as Mars in Cancer, can transmute their inner warrior into a positive force for earth and humankind’s evolutionary tale. Mars out of bounds could have an incredible role in the coming decades.

You can check to see if your Mars is out of bounds with a simple tool on Go to your natal chart and click “Additional tables (PDF)” above your birth data, and look for declinations higher than 23’27” north or south in the Planet Positions table.

For and with the earth,

For and with you all,