a grounded approach to the heavenly ecosystem

After hearing an astrologer deliver a woefully dumpy and wholly unhelpful podcast concerning planetary energies for the year 2022, I reached out to my friend Olivia at Soul Song Solutions so I could offer a more empowering take.

While I don’t think there any question that dominant culture is in a real mess at the moment, we still have plenty of room as individuals to make strong choices and positive moves within our communities and our own lives. I’m hoping this conversation can help you situate yourself in a healthy perspective around where we’re at and how the ongoing planetary energies can be helpful for you.

Some topics we cover in this hour-long discussion:

It is so imperative that we understand ourselves not as victims of cosmic energies, but as co-creators with the planets. If you are aware of what’s coming, you can be prepared to meet life in ways that work to your advantage. Astrology is power when harnessed appropriately, but when we approach it as deterministic (which it isn’t!), we become paralyzed by it. As with all magic, it must be wielded responsibly–with maturity–otherwise it won’t work for us.

You can listen on Spotify, Apple, and anywhere you listen to podcasts.

love all around,