Birth Chart Readings

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A birth chart reading begins with a question:

  • What is my sacred purpose in the world?
  • I have seen my chart and read all about it, but how does everything tie together?
  • I feel like I'm at a crossroads. Which way do I go?
  • The birth of my child was traumatic. How can I understand it as magical?
  • Life seems like hardship after hardship. Why is this happening?
  • Everything is spinning out of control. What can I hang on to?
  • What are the components of this relationship?

Astrology is an ever-refining, millennia-old tool, a guide to trustworthy answers: a birthright that Astrology consistently gives us access to.

If you find yourself feeling unfulfilled by standardized, pulse-less interpretations of your birth chart (like a gigantic sandwich with no bread to hold it together), then you're probably ready for the magical experience of a birth chart reading.

I offer three types of the birth chart reading:

Full Birth Chart Reading

A recorded Zoom or phone conversation, usually sixty - ninety minutes in duration. We will dive deep into your chart and address all the relevant questions. These readings are full of living potential, and often have life-changing effects. You will want to review your recording to fully unpack each layer. This is a thorough reading, recommended especially for new clients who are interested in a truly immersive and moving experience.

Your investment:

170 USD
  • Option to pay in installments

Check-in Reading

Exclusive to returning clients, the Check-in Reading provides a look at current and oncoming transits, different pieces of your chart which we haven't yet covered, and new questions and avenues that have arisen since our last meeting. Clients often schedule these near their birthdays or with the new year, but whenever you feel a call to check in with the planets, it's probably needed. Like the full, initial reading, this is a  Zoom or phone conversation, recorded for future review.

Your investment:

125 USD

Twenty-Minute Recording

This reading packs a lot of power into a short period of time. After sitting with and studying your chart, I will record a personalized 20-minute monologue reviewing the core elements therein. If you have a particular request (transits, compatibility, vocation), let me know, and I will focus my energy there. Within a week of your payment, you will receive a downloadable video of your reading (which might be more than twenty minutes...).

Your investment:

99 USD
What is the scheduling process like?
  1. You complete a contact form including your name, birthday, birth time, and birth place.
  2. I respond with some potential dates/times for us to meet.
  3. Once we have found a date/time, I will send you the payment information. You pay with a card through a secure portal provided by Stripe.
  4. I will send you the Zoom information the week of your reading, and then we will dip in to the deep well that is your chart.

I figured, if we haven't met, you might want to know who is reading your chart!

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My name is Phil, and I live in a small, unincorporated community in Appalachian Kentucky. I am father to a 1.5 year-old daughter, and partner and parent with a magical lady named Sacha. We do a lot of work with Earth, both as a family and with our community.

I have been practicing astrology for six years, incorporating techniques from many different teachers and traditions. The most compelling--and insanely specific and accurate--method I employ is called Vibrational Astrology. My studies in VA have enabled me to serve my clients with impeccable precision. In readings, we don't waste any time getting to the root of things.

I have a background in social work, mentorship, tutoring, and therapy (call it all Compassion Work, maybe) that deeply and inextricably informs the way I approach a reading. I am also, of course, a full-on mystic. The combination results in a service that is far more grounding than you might expect from a consultation with the stars.

Things I have been obsessed with (recently):

Water; seeds, particularly beans; nuts and nut trees; parenting; wood; gathering mulch and building soil; Raffi; ducks; birth; men's work; creating culture; and, as always, astrology.

I don't think of myself as Astro Phil, but many others do. See my About page for the story behind the name, and a couple other details.

w/ Love,