Practical Information:

  • I will need your birth date, time, and place (as well as your current whereabouts, if different)
  • Duration: approximately 60-90 minutes
  • Readings are shared via Zoom video chat, which allows you to record our session (full video, or audio only), and me to share my screen/your chart with you.
  • The going rate for first-time clients is 125 USD. Returning clients: 100 USD
    • If you feel called to receive this reading but would prefer an exchange of gift, I am open to working something out. I value sharing the celestial insights just as much as you value receiving them.
  • Bring questions if you have them! And e-mail me your follow-up questions, too. Sometimes the best thoughts don’t pop up until you’ve had some time to process.

Magical Information:

A birth chart reading is a delicious gift to the soul. Astrology as we know it has developed over thousands of years to include systems that speak to the health of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. We will review your soul’s blueprint, and discover ways to unite your powerful human will with your best self, your highest purpose, your deeply specific definition of joy and fulfillment. Astrology provides an accelerated path to this unification. 

Before our reading, I will spend determined, focused time studying the stars, planets, luminaries, asteroids and astronomical angles of your birth chart, taking extensive notes and consulting a variety of texts. My pre-reading research is a magical process in itself, full of surprises and learning as I seek to understand your beautiful complexities. If you have journeyed as far as reading this text, there is no doubt that the celestial beings have wisdom and counsel they are waiting to share with you. I, the astrologer, act as the medium, the go-between, as astrology helps you progress toward personal enlightenment. Each body and each soul requires spiritual alignment to shine in this world. And as we align ourselves, we bring the world closer to balance. 

It is my deepest and most important honor to serve the beings above and below in this way. But I must rely on you to ask, first. Reach out!

schedule a reading, ask a question, start a conversation, offer feedback, or just say hi! Email Phil at

Love all around,


P.S. Hand-drawn 9″x12″ or 8.5″11″ natal charts are optional $45 add-ons (shipping included) to any reading. I really love doing these; they are a great gateway to living in the chart and getting an intimate view of your soul experience in this life, and generally lead to a more thorough reading.