Birth Chart Reading

Magical Information:

A birth chart reading is a delicious gift to the soul. We were born with things to do, challenges to overcome, karma to move, and people near and far to connect with in mutual support. We were born into a world where Astrology has been developing for thousands of years to give each of us the guidance we deserve. As your astrologer, I act as the medium, the go-between, as Astrology helps you along your journey on Earth. 

Before your birth chart reading, I will spend determined, focused time studying the planets, luminaries, asteroids and astronomical geometry of your birth chart, taking extensive notes and consulting a variety of charts and listings. My pre-reading research is a magical process in itself, full of surprise, learning and compassion as the planets reveal your gifts and challenges, the ways that you connect with others, with place, with spirit, and and how you align with your deepest, truest self

If you have journeyed as far as reading this text, know that the celestial beings have wisdom and counsel to share with you. Each body and each soul needs spiritual alignment to shine in this world. And as we align ourselves, we bring the world closer to balance.

Birth Chart Reading – Practical Information:

  • I will need your birth date, time, and place (as well as your current whereabouts, if different)
  • Duration: approximately 60-90 minutes
  • Readings are shared via Zoom video chat, which allows you to record our session (full video, or audio only), and me to share my screen/your chart with you.
  • Your investment in this reading is 170 USD.
    • For relationship/family synastry: 40 USD per additional chart.
  • Bring questions if you have them! And e-mail me your follow-up questions, too. Sometimes the best thoughts don’t pop up until you’ve had some time to process.

It is my deepest and most important honor to serve the beings above and below in this way. But I must rely on you to ask, first. Schedule a reading, ask a question, start a conversation, offer feedback, or just say hi! Email Phil at

*As of January 9th: scheduling for the week of Jan 16 – 20.

Love all around,