AstroCartography Magic:

You’ve heard about AstroCartography. So, what is the magic behind an AstroCartography reading?

In best cases, moving to a new place can provide you with support, perspective, new learning, surprising relationships, spiritual development, expansive opportunities, unbreakable focus, and long-needed healing. All of us need different energies at different times in our lives, and sometimes, our surroundings seem to stand in the way of what we need. There are many, many valid reasons why we relocate. But oftentimes, the where isn’t so clear.

Lucky for us, there is AstroCartography! Also known as astrolocality, locational and relocational astrology, AstroCartography allows us to measure the energies and potentials that certain places on Earth hold for an individual. It creates a bridge of empowerment between Astrology-based self-knowledge and our personal wills. 

Contrary to the escapist in all of us, relocation is not a full recalibration of your birth chart. You will still be You no matter where you land. AstroCartography allows you to amplify chosen energies, and to bring more challenging life patterns into a better flow. However, it is not an escape from the work you’re here to do to align with your highest purpose. So keep this in mind. My role as your AstroCartographer is to assist in unifying your personal journey with the energetic imprint that Earth and the heavens have rolled out for you.

An AstroCartography reading is also useful aside from relocation. The information you receive can greatly inform where and how you travel the world, or what places support your spiritual or professional development. It can also give clues to ancestral and past-life homelands, among other things. The information at hand seems boundless.

AstroCartography map of the UK and Ireland

Me and my Process

Before your AstroCartography reading, I will combine your energetic maps with a deep understanding of your birth chart. About half of my AstroCartography clients go on to receive a birth chart reading as well, as we often uncover layers of the birth chart that the client wasn’t previously aware of. I also compile thorough notes on any places you find interesting, and special places that stick out to me. My research process can yield results that are surprising and exciting, as well as grounding and affirming.

As for my personal experience with AstroCartography, I have traveled the bulk of North America and Europe exploring my own energy lines and relocated charts. I found home years later with a trunk-load of unexpected lessons, and a much more intimate knowledge of the technique. In the last year alone, I conducted hundreds of AstroCartography readings, each one unique and memorable. I find deep fulfillment in guiding others toward their dreams and visions. This article on the AstroCartography of Osho is a small window into my methodology (which has since expanded).

AstroCartography map of the US

How is this Different from an Online Automated Report?

1. Your AstroCartography Reading is Alive

Although my preliminary research process is the same for everyone, each reading is different. Some sessions are very structured, while others are largely improvisational. The path of each reading reflects the client and their needs and nature. You can ask questions as they come up, and they’ll be answered organically and in the moment—not with a winding internet search which leads you completely off track. You leave the session with a recording, a relationship with an expert, and a story to tell.

2. The Reports Don’t Tell You Everything

Point-and-click maps found on astrodienst and other servers do not display all of the lines. They are nice services for leisurely perusal, but not for thorough research. I work with asteroids, subtle aspects and unmarked points in the chart (midpoints and midpoint structures) that can have a definitive impact on your experience in a place. Also, those point-and-click interpretations are one-size-fits-all, and not tailored to you and your chart. Which reminds me…

This one I really feel in my heart and bones:

3. You are a Self Unlike any Other

AstroCartography and map exploration can make for a good insightful time if you’re just poking around. But if you intend to use the tools and techniques for something meaningful, you deserve better than a machine’s advice.

I believe firmly that every being is divine, and arrives on this plane with inherent purposes. That is the truth from which we should treat each other and ourselves. The machine culture of modernity exists and thrives in full neglect of this. If you rely on an automated report to inform your life-changing decision about relocation, you are applying the tenets of industrialism and mass production to your unique, divine self.

The economy of person-to-person contact is a step outside of this paradigm that feeds the spirits of all parties involved. Plus, our connection lasts: we can meet again, picking up right where we left off.

So, how do we get started?

AstroCartography Reading – Practical Information:

  • Duration: approximately 60-90 minutes
  • Your investment in this service is 210 USD.
    • 50 USD per additional chart (partners, children, etc.). Maximum 2 additional charts–for more, an extra session is required.
    • In some cases I will accept cryptocurrency.
  • What I need from you:
    • Your birth date, time, and place (as well as your current whereabouts, if different)
    • Your limits of continent, climate, and/or culture. Would you prefer a modern city in Australia or South America? A rural community in North America? Or are you like a feather on the wind? Any and all of your boundaries are extremely beneficial to the quality of your reading, as Mother Earth is quite vast.
    • If applicable, a list of any specific places you would like me to research.
  • AstroCartography readings are shared via Zoom video chat, which allows me to share my screen/your charts and maps with you, and enables you to record your session.
  • Upon your request, I will send you AstroCartography maps of any place of your choosing, for you to peruse after our reading.
  • Arrive with questions if you have them! And e-mail me your follow-up questions, too. Sometimes the best thoughts don’t pop up until you’ve had some time to process.

Still wondering what to expect? Here are some testimonials from clients in 2020-2021.

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*As of October 3rd: scheduling for the week of Oct 17 – 21.

Planetary Blessings!

Astro Phil