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Astrocartography Readings

The Magic of Astrocartography

Curious about an Astrocartography reading? AstroCartography is a magical astrological technique that enables us to peer into the energies and potentials that certain places on Earth hold for an individual.

The sort of energies we can find include:

  • Community and friends who feel like family
  • Domestic balance and stability
  • Excitement, adventure, partygoing
  • Spiritual connection to the land and waters
  • Ties to ancestral and past-life events and people
  • Resonance and connection with local culture
  • Professional growth and expansion
  • Potential for harmonious relationship
  • A local need for your particular service
  • Positive reception of your being
Astrocartography reading
AstroCartography map of the UK and Ireland, with just midpoint lines.

So what about an AstroCartography reading?

An AstroCartography reading is not limited to naming the supportive energies of a place, however. We can also look with great detail at energies that serve as obstacles in our everyday lives. Each concept listed above has its converse expression as well, and sometimes these difficult aspects are what motivate us to move on from a place.

  • Instability in profession, domecile, and relationship
  • A sense of isolation from a lack of deep connection with others
  • Repeating patterns of extreme confrontation with others and/or with your own inner demons.
  • A disconnect with local customs and culture
  • Overwhelm of duties and responsibilities
  • A sense of dissolving and disappearing; a place where nothing you do matters
  • Stagnance, tedium, and predictability
  • The lack of a healthy pace of life, and resulting health issues

Finding Your Flow with AstroCartography

Also known as astrolocality, astrogeography, locational and relocational astrology, AstroCartography serves as a bridge of empowerment between Astrology-based self-knowledge and our personal wills. But, it must be noted that harnessing AstroCartography does not bring about a recalibration of your birth chart. You will still be You no matter where you land.

AstroCartography allows you to amplify chosen energies, and to bring more challenging life patterns into a better flow. However, it is not a sidestep from the work you’re on Earth to do. My role as your AstroCartographer is help unify your personal journey with the energetic imprint that Earth and the heavens have rolled out for you.

Astrocartography reading
AstroCartography map of the US

More questions about AstroCartography?

I’ve got answers.

I Offer Three Types of the Astrocartography Reading:

AstroCartography Reading

A recorded Zoom or phone conversation lasting 60-90 minutes. Together, we combine your energetic maps with a deep understanding of your birth chart. Before the reading, I compile thorough notes on your birth chart and how it applies to any places you find interesting, as well as special places that stick out to me. This can yield results that are surprising and exciting, as well as grounding and affirming. We will leaf through the layers of your energy lines, foraging for insights about places both familiar and new to you.

Your investment:

195 USD

  • 50 USD per additional chart (partners, children, etc.)
  • Option to pay in installments

Follow-up Reading

Exclusive to returning clients, this reading is custom-structured to your follow-up questions, new places and potential futures you would like to explore. Like the Full AstroCartography Reading, numerous elements of your birth chart will be discussed here. This is the go-to for returning clients who are seeking a hybrid Birth Chart/AstroCartography session with me. No questions or topics are off the table! This is a recorded Zoom or telephone conversation.

Your investment:

160 USD

Place-Specific Micro Reading

A full examination of up to five specific places*. After a close study of your chart and maps, I will record a video detailing the energies present, and send you a downloadable video file.

*Here, the scope of a “place” qualifies as something the size of Massachusetts, roughly 10,000 square/27,000 square kilometers.

Your investment:

One place: 50 USD, + 30 for each additional place


What does AstroCartography look like in practice?

So how does an AstroCartography Reading work?

  1. You must know your birth data, including an exact birth time (within four minutes).
  2. You fill out a contact form including your birth data, with a message detailing your situation.
  3. I respond with potential dates/times for us to meet, and possibly some fleshing-out questions so I can better understand your needs.
  4. Once we have a date and time, I will send you payment information. You will pay with a card through a secure portal provided by Stripe.
  5. I will send you the Zoom information the week of your reading, and thus begins your AstroCartography adventure.

Who gets an Astrocartography reading?

Over the years, I have worked with people all over the world, from many different backgrounds:
  • Families seeking community
  • Birthworkers
  • Filmmakers
  • The bereaved
  • World Travelers
  • Sovereignty and resilience cultivators
  • Back-to-the-landers
  • Retirees
  • Mystics, Spirit Workers, Healers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Creative nomads
  • Remote workers
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Coaches
  • Health and wellness professionals
  • Sex workers
  • Inventors
  • Musicians
  • People tired of wildfires and natural disasters
  • Testimonials & Feedback

    Meet your Astrocartographer

    Clients always ask if we found our home in Appalachian Kentucky with the use of AstroCartography. The answer is nuanced. While we used AstroCartography to rule out certain places, our home in Kentucky seemed to magnetically pull us in. When we visited the area, it simply felt right. And as it turns out, the AstroCartography lines here are pretty great, too.

    If we haven’t met, I am Phil. As soon as I learned about AstroCartography, I dropped everything and immediately immersed myself in the study. It wasn’t long before I had traveled the bulk of North America and Europe, exploring my own energy lines and relocated charts. I found home years later with a trunk-load of unexpected lessons, and a much more intimate knowledge of the technique. Soon after, I delivered a talk on the subject for the Astrological Society of Kentucky (a delightful and brilliant group of astrologers).

    My approach:

    In working with me, clients receive a far more detailed and true-to-you approach than they can find with point-and-click maps online. I work with asteroids, subtle aspects and unmarked points in the chart (midpoints and midpoint structures) that can have a huge, if not definitive impact on your experience in a place. As well, the online automated interpretations do not take into account the complex nature of your natal chart and the planets therein. You are You–not a mass-produced product–and I would hope you wouldn’t degrade yourself with standardized interpretations.

    Every being is divine, and arrives on this plane with inherent purposes. That is the truth from which I do this work.  I find deep fulfillment in guiding others toward their dreams and visions. Check out this video I recorded to see how it’s done.