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AstroCartography Reading Where I Explore Los Angeles & Orlando for a Mystery Client

For your viewing and educational pleasure!


What is an AstroCartography Reading like? This is a an example of how an AstroCartography reading with me goes. For a mystery client, we closely investigate the energies of Los Angeles, California, and Orlando, Florida. (The client’s identity is revealed at the conclusion of the session.)

There are many energies–pronounced, subtle, and everywhere in between–that are present in any particular place for a person. AstroCartography is an unbelievable tool that, when mastered and wielded with maturity and experience, can equip a person with unquantifiable advantages in life. In this time of radical mobility and the rise of the modern nomad, AstroCartography is the perfect companion. But if you aren’t looking at all the details, you could miss some very important energies, like what showed up for this mystery client in Orlando. These energy lines do not show up in free AstroCartography that are easy to find (for better or worse) on the internet.

Celestial and Terrestrial blessings,