The Mission

Nestled in the hills and caves of Rockcaste County, Kentucky, Out of Bounds Astrology is run by Phil Feger, who cut his astrological teeth according to his own winding, unconventional path. His astrological approach is geared just like his natal Moon: out of bounds.

The mission of OOB is to portray and encourage a distinct approach to astrology. While remaining untethered to old conventions and unconcerned with providing “proof” of astrology’s value to any manifestation of establishment, OOB embraces an expanding set of working techniques across the astrological spectrum, modern and traditional alike. This is done in search of a greater understanding of the self and the world around us, and a clear perspective of what is taking place, what has already come to pass, and a realistic gaze at what lies ahead for all life on Earth (including the great mother herself!).

The Services

I offer two types of readings for first-time clients, and returning clients can ask for anything, really. 

The focus of each reading is the best interests of you. The stars, planets, luminaries, asteroids and celestial geometry of your birth moment encode a blueprint of your divine soul and your human personality and body. Before and within each reading, I commune with your birth chart intuitively and analytically to find astrology-based messages from the heavenly orbs which will inform our conversation. My goal with each client is to move toward and/or maintain a path that aligns the human with their higher self. As a healing modality that was discovered over time, created divinely and not by humankind, astrology allows me to remove my personal leanings from the feedback I relay to you. My role in our consultation is Messenger for the planetary beings.

The Astrologer

The story goes, when I was four, a mother down the street called our house and asked if I would like to play with her son. When my mother relayed the question to me, I responded, “What’s his birthday?” She queried the other mother, and reported the boy’s birthday as July 9th. I consented to the playdate.

Though I’ve been asking people for their birthdays my entire life, it took quite a while for me to discover astrology. I was twenty-seven, and one week removed from graduate school in Virginia, when I learned my Sun sign (Libra), and then months later I was introduced to the book The Secret Language of Birthdays. The uncanny power within that dictionary of identity made me realize: I must know how this stuff works.

I set immediately to the study of astrology, spending hours every day researching my chart and following my transits. When I sat down one night to learn the planetary glyphs, it felt as though my hands already knew them. This gave me the confirmation that astrology was deeply embedded in my identity, and had been for many lifetimes.

I left Virginia to try to find other astrologers, casting out on an Astrocartography-informed roadtrip with no defined destination. I wound up in Minneapolis with empty pockets and a horoscope-writing housemate, poked around in the rich local astrology community, and continued my education. That’s where Out of Bounds began.

I’ve since moved again, and now I am co-steward of 35 acres of forest, meadow, cliffs and creeks outside Berea, Kentucky, called Plantasia (after the Mort Garson album). I divide my energy between astrology (professional), gardening, mushroom cultivation and foraging, woodwork, carpentry (all very amateur!), and offering love, support and co-creative partnership to my wife, Sacha, and our dog, Spirit.

My partner Sacha Louise—an elemental diviner—and I are part of a network of earth-based households, homesteads and communities, trying to live toward personal and shared ideals. Living in partnership with nature has provided much healing for me, and opened me up to deeper parts of myself and the worlds around us. It has certainly informed my approach to astrology as a tool for healing the soul and awakening our divine selves.