a grounded approach to the heavenly ecosystem

Welcome to Out of Bounds Astrology!

My name is Astro Phil, and my approach to astrology is geared just like my Sagittarius Moon: out of bounds.

Astrology lends language to the innate self, to our relationships with time, with place, and with each other. As part of humankind’s ongoing struggle to understand and articulate the ways in which All are connected, my journey is a cosmic one. If I meet you on the path, my only aim is to help you, and in doing so, bring balance to our world. Astrology empowers me to do that in very profound ways.

In this time, my place is thirty five acres of forest, meadow, cliffs and creeks in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, that we call Plantasia (you can even camp here if you’re so inclined!). I divide my energy between astrology, gardening, tree work, and offering love, support and co-creative partnership to my wife, Sacha, and our growing daughter, Aurora.

My partner Sacha Louise–an intuitive herbalist, beekeeper and flower essence practitioner–and I are part of a local network of earth-based households, homesteads and communities, trying to live toward personal and shared ideals. Among us, there is a large proportion of men named Phil. One night around a bonfire, a poetic neighbor called me “Astro Phil” (like “astrophile”, a lover of stars), and it stuck.

Living in partnership with nature has provided much healing for me, and opened me up to deeper parts of myself and the worlds all around. It has certainly informed my approach to astrology as a tool for healing and integrating the soul and awakening and feeding our sacred selves.

My love for astrology continues to deepen as I witness its magic each day–the many ways it encapsulates the interconnectedness of time, space, spirit, and matter. Through some strike of fortune, it speaks to me, and through me. The steady cultivation of my practice as an astrologer, a messenger between my clients and the stars, brings such delightful alignment and fulfillment to my being. It is an immense joy and a deep honor to do this work, and my heart swells and rings out with appreciation for my clients, my astro ancestors, and the stars themselves.