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Saturn Conjunct the South Node

The most crucial and incontrovertible truth about carrying Saturn conjunct the South Node is that you are born with a sizeable karmic debt. This debt may carry over from past life activities or may be tied in with your ancestry. You can approach this debt like a privilege or a burden.

Saturn Conjunct the South Node – Karmic Transfer

I write during the third and final perfection of Saturn’s 2019 conjunction with the South Node, an alignment that I wrote about in May and have been closely observing throughout its duration. A term for the alignment that has coalesced in my head is Karmic Transfer. It’s unfortunately tied to banking terminology, but I’m imagining…

Saturn Conjunct the South Node in 2019

Saturn and the South node conjoin on April 30, 2019, just as Saturn stations retrograde (the South Node’s primary direction). Usually, this once-per-twelve-year conjunction would only last about a week. But this time, they roll together in reverse for six months.

Saturn’s Role in the Divinities

When I think of the sacred healing modalities in astrological terms, I see them reflected in the planets who orbit the Sun outside of Saturn.

Blasting Toward Something Better: the Mars, Uranus, North Node Moment

The time has arrived for the aforementioned Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction, reaching perfection on August 1st. You may have picked up on the energy last week, with the Moon passing through this Taurean territory on Thursday, July 21st. At our homestead, for instance, we experienced a power outage and a slew of rearranged or cancelled plans…

Fire for the Whole: the 2022 Summer Solstice Chart

Some recent discussions and charts have inspired me to look at the Summer Solstice chart for western USA. As the explosive triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node looms large just a month away (exact on August 1st, but look for it all through the end of July and beginning of August), I…

Forecasting 2022 with Soul Song Solutions

After hearing an astrologer deliver a woefully dumpy and wholly unhelpful podcast concerning planetary energies for the year 2022, I reached out to my friend Olivia at Soul Song Solutions so I could offer a more empowering take. While I don’t think there any question that dominant culture is in a real mess at the…

Interview on Soul Song Solutions Podcast

On April 24th, I sat down at Plantasia with Olivia of Soul Song Solutions podcast for an impromptu discussion around Astrology. Topics covered include: A 2021 overview (the Saturn-Uranus square) Timing and transits as tools for personal empowerment The astrological symbolism of Chiron, and the fifty-year Chiron journey Embracing Neptune’s request for an honored ambivalence…