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Saturn Conjunct the South Node

The most crucial and incontrovertible truth about carrying Saturn conjunct the South Node is that you are born with a sizeable karmic debt. This debt may carry over from past life activities or may be tied in with your ancestry. You can approach this debt like a privilege or a burden.

Saturn Conjunct the South Node in 2019

Saturn and the South node conjoin on April 30, 2019, just as Saturn stations retrograde (the South Node’s primary direction). Usually, this once-per-twelve-year conjunction would only last about a week. But this time, they roll together in reverse for six months.

Saturn’s Role in the Divinities

When I think of the sacred healing modalities in astrological terms, I see them reflected in the planets who orbit the Sun outside of Saturn.

AstroCartography Questions, volume 1

Detailed Answers to Four Common AstroCartography Questions What is the best AstroCartography line to live on? Let’s start with another question: what are you looking for? Home, community, focus, magic, excitement, opportunity, learning, love, ambition, inner development? The best line(s) are determined by the individual whose map we are looking at, and what that person’s […]


Astrology gives us access to divine knowledge Through harnessing the ancient system of astrology, we initiate a life of union and flow with our sacred purpose. I serve as an intermediary between you and the planets, a guide through the ecosystem of energies that governs all of life. Astrocartography Find your best places on Earth […]