Fire for the Whole: the 2022 Summer Solstice Chart

Some recent discussions and charts have inspired me to look at the Summer Solstice chart for western USA. As the explosive triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus, and the North Node looms large just a month away (exact on August 1st, but look for it all through the end of July and beginning of August), I was curious to see what planets or other celestial beings are making an impact in this seasonal chart, keeping a close eye on the angles of the chart.

As you can see, the solstice takes place at 2:14 AM Pacific time, with the Sun crossing into Cancer. If we look at this chart with the idea that the themes within it will play a prominent role in the next three months—until Equinox—while also considering regional weather patterns in recent years, we find a few causes for alarm.

An Aries Stellium for your Solstice, Dearies

Most basically, we see that the sign of Aries is full to the brim, with Moon and Jupiter in conjunction, as well as longer-term residents Chiron and Eris accompanied by Mars, each separated by 4 degrees in a very tight midpoint arrangement, with Mars as the focal (middle) planet. In this arrangement, Eris is nuzzled tightly with the Aries ascending point, just nine zodiacal minutes away in San Francisco. Needless to say, that is a lot of fire, folks.

With Moon and Jupiter conjoined in Aries, the baseline theme is big feelings. But when we recall that the Moon is in deep relationship with Earth and life on Earth to the point that she is our greatest tool for growing food, we can assume that Earth will have some big feelings this season. And in Aries, those feelings are hot.

Speaking of heat, how about the red planet, Mars? When Mars is conjunct Chiron, themes of persistence and perseverance are strong, especially within a narrative of conflict. (If you have Mars and Chiron interacting with each other in your natal chart, know that any study within the martial arts is extremely remedial for that energy.) It seems these conflicts can go on and on, with no resolution at all. Mars and Chiron here are part of a very tight midpoint pattern with dwarf planet Eris. Additionally, Eris is rising over the West Coast just as solstice takes hold. Check it out on an astromap:

The furthest-right white line, the Eris Rising line connects San Francisco, California, with Coos Bay, Oregon, and is otherwise at sea.

A line as powerful as a rising line has a very large orb of influence. Imagine a ray extending two hundred miles in either direction from this line. Now, what sort of energy is Eris carrying, you might ask?

How Eris Operates in Astrology

If you are clinging to the comfort of a “normal” or status-quo life that is structurally unsound, Eris can bring significant disruption. Any fears that you harbor, Eris reflects and energizes, and you are forced through circumstances to deal with them. In the case that you’ve somehow managed to remain oblivious to what you ought to be wary of, the disruption of your life could be cataclysmic, whether via external sources or unconscious self-sabotage. And once Eris is done with you… well, you won’t be oblivious anymore. Eris does not operate within the subtle realms, except to transform the subtle into the blatant. In short: Eris is an often uncomfortable reality check.

The Chiron-Mars-Eris Midpoint Pattern

In a standard, three-planet midpoint structure, no planet—even the middle planet—rules the story. All three planets work through each other to inform a pattern. Here, we could call it something like persistent, deeply wounding or wound-informed reality checks; revelations of generational trauma-based behaviors that cannot be unseen; or inescapable discomfort on a traumatic scale, forcing us to take action that requires great perseverance to succeed. All of this, let’s not forget, in Aries.

If the thought hasn’t crossed your mind yet, let me make it Eris-blatant for you: WILDFIRES.

Now, I recognize that wildfires are common in the summers out west. But this season looks particularly potent, like it could really catalyze another wave of climate refugees eastward. Be on the lookout especially when Mars conjoins with Uranus and the North Node as July turns to August. Uranus on the North Node in Taurus is already an earthquake waiting to happen, so a trigger from Mars certainly won’t make the situation any less volatile. As I’ve said before, this is a great time for independent, unrestricted action. But for folks who don’t live in free-feeling life structures, this could be very challenging—a time of great urgency and immediacy, when you really don’t know what to expect or how to plan, but you must do something. And you must do it now.

My prayers are out for the peoples and beings of the west: bipeds, quadrupeds, octopeds, many-peds, and the plant and fungal realms who will shepherd the bioregion into new eco epochs. Perhaps I’ll have to write more at another time about some of the other notable characteristics of this chart—like Chiron’s square with Ceres and a super-tight isotrap of Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto (whoa!)—but in truth they support a very similar narrative to what I’ve presented here. So act wisely this season, especially those readers out west.

In deep honor, from a little perch in an Appalachia,


Forecasting 2022 with Soul Song Solutions

After hearing an astrologer deliver a woefully dumpy and wholly unhelpful podcast concerning planetary energies for the year 2022, I reached out to my friend Olivia at Soul Song Solutions so I could offer a more empowering take.

While I don’t think there any question that dominant culture is in a real mess at the moment, we still have plenty of room as individuals to make strong choices and positive moves within our communities and our own lives. I’m hoping this conversation can help you situate yourself in a healthy perspective around where we’re at and how the ongoing planetary energies can be helpful for you.

Some topics we cover in this hour-long discussion:

  • Ways that we can see the Saturn-Uranus square playing out before our eyes
  • A subtle aspect occurring between Uranus and Neptune for 2022 and 2023
  • The eclipses in the spring and fall
  • A day of wildness (August 1, 2022) with Uranus, Mars, and the North Node conjunct in Taurus
  • Other lunations of note

It is so imperative that we understand ourselves not as victims of cosmic energies, but as co-creators with the planets. If you are aware of what’s coming, you can be prepared to meet life in ways that work to your advantage. Astrology is power when harnessed appropriately, but when we approach it as deterministic (which it isn’t!), we become paralyzed by it. As with all magic, it must be wielded responsibly–with maturity–otherwise it won’t work for us.

You can listen on Spotify, Apple, and anywhere you listen to podcasts.

love all around,


Interview on Soul Song Solutions Podcast

On April 24th, I sat down at Plantasia with Olivia of Soul Song Solutions podcast for an impromptu discussion around Astrology.

Topics covered include:

  • A 2021 overview (the Saturn-Uranus square)
  • Timing and transits as tools for personal empowerment
  • The astrological symbolism of Chiron, and the fifty-year Chiron journey
  • Embracing Neptune’s request for an honored ambivalence

You can listen through the link above, or find Soul Song Solutions on your podcast app. Olivia is a sound healer, vocal and personal coach and an incredible local ally of ours.

The Saturn Uranus Square: Great Revelations and a Chance for Positive Change in 2021

In the year 2021, the Saturn Uranus square provides the energetic backdrop for the world at large, and many of us personally. Three times this year, Saturn and Uranus will be exactly ninety degrees apart in the zodiacal wheel:

  • February 17th, at 7 degrees Aquarius and Taurus
  • June 14th, at 13 degrees Aquarius and Taurus
  • December 24th, at 11 degrees Aquarius and Taurus

If you have planets that fall at 7*, 11*, or 13* in a fixed sign, then this alignment has medicine for you.

So, let’s talk about each planet’s base signatures, and how Saturn and Uranus interact when in square.

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Venus in Retrograde Out of Bounds

2020’s Venus retrograde is significantly flavored by the planet’s positioning out of bounds. The qualities of our current time show challenges to most conventions that dominant culture depends on, so it should be of no surprise that Venus—who represents our systems of value—has been out of bounds since April 2nd. Alternative value systems are boosted at this time, allowing feminine economies like trade and gift to flourish, and perhaps the most valuable currency of all right now is not the dollar, but relationship (another Venus realm!), as so many find themselves in isolation, without true human contact.

The Star Holds the Key

When Venus and/or Mercury undergo retrograde periods, the central and defining point of these retrogrades are the degrees of the planets’ conjunctions with the Sun. What I call the retrograde star, this degree stands out and provides significant identity to thematic elements of the retrograde. With this Venus retrograde, the retrograde star will occur on June 3rd, at 13 Gemini.

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Saturn Conjunct the South Node

About once every twelve years, Saturn and the South Node come together in the Zodiac. Those of us who are born with Saturn conjunct the South Node in the the birth chart are certainly not born by accident under this alignment. To this astrologer, the conjunction seems incredibly karmic.

The most crucial and incontrovertible truth about carrying Saturn conjunct the South Node is that you are born with a sizable karmic debt. This debt may carry over from past life activities or may be tied in with your ancestry. You can approach this debt like a privilege or a burden.

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Saturn Conjunct the South Node – Karmic Transfer

I write during the third and final perfection of Saturn’s 2019 conjunction with the South Node, an alignment that I wrote about in May and have been closely observing throughout its duration.

A term for the alignment that has coalesced in my head is Karmic Transfer. It’s unfortunately tied to banking terminology, but I’m imagining a bank of karma, and the goblins of karma are transferring it from one life to another. Here karma is something like destiny or life purpose—things that carry great weight, meaning, and potential, like a piece of land. A human life. Like a business or place of business, a home, a domesticated animal. Like the responsibility of nurturing our planet. 

The three conjunctions of Saturn and the South Node have occurred with the Sun in Taurus, Cancer, and Libra, signs that have significant orientations toward nature and beauty. Calls to action around climate change are in great saturation at the moment, while at the same time we are staring down an economic recession. Capricorn Saturn’s business powers (which by modern terms are inextricably tied to competition and capitalism) are weakened by its conjunction with the South Node; meanwhile Earth and her ways of unconditional lifegiving love are emerging through the opening.

I’m not going to leap into hopefulness or any results-based thinking. I am only noting what I observe. And when I take into account my belief that Saturn acts as a guardian for the outer planets (which are energetically geared toward our unity with each other and all beings), I’ve noticed both the beneficial and detrimental indications of those planets manifesting quite strongly since April’s initiating conjunction. A sampling:

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The Self with the Other: the Wisdom of Libra

The Sun traverses Libra from 9/23 to 10/23, joined in part by Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Moon (New on 9/28). Lessons and energies inherent to Libra season, and those born with Sun or Moon in Libra, or Libra rising:

Opening up to:

  • Aspects of grace and beauty that exist deep below the surface
  • Achieving intimacy and peace with yourself, and with nature. Truly, as long as you pay attention to the reflections within and all around, solitude is rich with experience, and nothing to fear.
  • Considering other points of view and examining a situation from all sides. As this becomes instinct, you will never take things personally (unless they actually concern you).
  • Communicating beauty through your art. In this way you become one with the gods.
  • Sharing your keen sense of aesthetics. Some people need help noticing and finding beauty. Be the beacon!
  • Responsible gossiping. You’re not going to stop, so at least do it respectfully.

Being mindful of:

  • Suppressing your self and your truth in attempt to sustain some level of harmony in a relationship
  • Respecting yourself first, at every turn. Only in this way can you act in honest respect to others.
  • Using romance like a drug. Serial dating is a downward spiral.
  • The flow and balance of the space around you. Curate your atmosphere with music, color, tone of light, arrangement, and authenticity.
  • Telling the truth in whole. Truth leaves problems in your past; lies and omissions (even the little ones!) place problems in your future.
  • Indulgences. The sweet treats, parties and drinks are all around. Everything in moderation, Libra. Do it for the kidneys.
  • Assuming your know what another is thinking or feeling. No matter how much you strive to understand each person, you can never fully know anyone. And that’s okay.

AstroCartoGraphy and the Pisces Full Moon: Major Energy in the Amazon and the South China Sea

The cosmic cocktail of the moment is overwhelming to synthesize:

  • A Full Moon conjunct Neptune and Black Moon Lilith, where the Moon is furthest from Earth
  • Mars and Neptune in exact opposition, with Jupiter shouldering the weight at the two planets’ midpoint
  • Mercury and Venus in exact conjunction in Mercury’s happy place, Venus’ cranky place (Virgo)
  • The hyper-intelligence of Uranus and Pallas Athene opposing each other in fixed signs
  • Saturn stationing direct conjunct the South Node and gearing up for the last march through Capricorn for 28 years.

I think I am supposed to be confused. Really, trying to form universally resonant messages from this potpourri would be a great misuse of energy. We’re all feeling different pieces more than others, and the energies are swirling about in different aspects of our lives.

So I find myself zooming out to a larger picture: Now as the central moment in this Virgo-rich lunar cycle, through the lens of AstroCartoGraphy.

World Astromap of the moment of the Full Moon’s exactitude

The most prominent recipients of this energetic moment seem to be the areas of Western Brazil/Eastern Peru and Ecuador (the Amazon rainforest), and the nations of the South China Sea, especially Papua and Indonesia.

South America Astromap
South China Sea Astromap

In both regions we see great struggles culminating, although we see it through a thick haze. In the Amazon, with Neptune on the MC, this manifests in the physical form by way of unrelenting gargantuam plumes of smoke (from fire; thanks Mars on the IC). In Papua, with Neptune on the nadir, there are major human rights actions occurring (see the Mars culminating line) which the Indonesian government has attempted to hide and smother with an all-out information quarantine, blacking out the internet and banning all press.

I wish I could look at this more in depth right now, but I am living my own internet blackout and in the midst of sweeping and drastic life changes.

But the way this lines up has me curious to look more at lunations and other synchronized planetary alignments—such as… the crazy January 2020 Full Moon!—by looking at their AstroCartoGraphical representations. Stay tuned! 


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