a grounded approach to the heavenly ecosystem

Astrology gives us access to divine knowledge

Through harnessing the ancient system of astrology, we initiate a life of union and flow with our sacred purpose. I serve as an intermediary between you and the planets, a guide through the ecosystem of energies that governs all of life.

Find your best places on Earth by wielding astrology as your tool.

Your birth chart is a birthright. What are the fundaments and idiosyncracies of your being?

These planets balance our human story with their unique perspective. Do you have one in your chart?

Got Saturn Problems?

Saturn endures a lot of misrepresentation through the modern lens.

As a Saturn advocate, I want to show you why the ringed planet is your support for the long haul.

Meet Astro Phil

As an astrologer and a homesteader, I work with the Earth and the heavens. I can confirm that the ancients were right: the above and the below are sympatico. As for my people, my place, and my astrological techniques, you can find out more with the click of a button:

It is my honor to serve and guide with astrology, but first, you have to ask!