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Saturn Conjunct the South Node

About once every twelve years, Saturn and the South Node come together in the Zodiac. Those of us who are born with Saturn conjunct the South Node in the the birth chart are certainly not born by accident under this alignment. To this astrologer, the conjunction seems incredibly karmic.

The most crucial and incontrovertible truth about carrying Saturn conjunct the South Node is that you are born with a sizeable karmic debt. This debt may carry over from past life activities or may be tied in with your ancestry. You can approach this debt like a privilege or a burden.

Synergizing the Saturn and the South Node

Saturn is not a planet that we can push around. The energies of Saturn will always deliver their results, whether we work in connection with them or try to subvert them. Saturn often has a bad reputation these days, but here at Out of Bounds we see it another way (article).

Often, if a planet is conjunct the South Node in a natal chart, this conjunction indicates a potential course of downfall. An example: for someone with Sun conjunct the South Node, attachment to ego or a chase for notoriety will leave the native feeling flattened and questioning their self worth. The key to living with a planetary-South Node conjunction in the natal chart is not, however, to ignore the conjoining planet or work against it. The key is to approach the planet with an embrace of the South Node’s qualities: an approach of sensitivity and unattachment, similar to the lifeways of our plant, animal, and mycelial co-habitants of Earth.

For Saturn conjunct the South Node, this means a life with very little material attachment. At your most dignified, you may live as some type of ascetic. And there is incredible honor in this.

An ascetic life is tied inherently to holding special wisdom—one of Saturn’s great gifts—that is much needed during these times. This is the treasure of Saturn conjunct the South Node, if a person is fortunate enough to discover it. 

Living without an unattached awareness, in denial of the effect of Saturn conjunct the South Node, can lead to a life of clamoring for material gain, and doubt. In western dominant culture, we are extremely dependent on faultily constructed systems and structures. If you have Saturn conjunct the South Node, these forms will crumble and dissolve in your life quite frequently and with the ease of a blade dropped through soft butter. It’s as though you are trapped in an ever-repeating game of Jenga.

At some point, you should notice this pattern, and then set your path to a more harmonious life. Truthfully, within the systems of a society that is growth-obsessed, death-phobic, and denies all concepts of limit (completely out-of-tune with Saturn AND the South Node), no amount of perseverance will keep your downfall from meeting you again and again. This is the most burdensome and Sisyphean way to pay your karmic debt, and unfortunately, it becomes a very common loop for people with Saturn conjunct the South Node.

Saturn conjunct the South Node in an Age when Saturn’s Divine Role is Polluted

Those of us born with Saturn Conjunct the South Node have been born into an incredible and important duty. At their best, they live like venerable vultures, here to purify polluted Saturn energies. (I write this as a person with immense respect and awe for vultures!)

That said, to be born in this age—in a dominant culture overrun by pollution across all dimensions—with Saturn conjunct the South Node is not nearly as smooth or beautiful as being a vulture riding the drifts. You are surrounded by toxic manifestations of Saturn, and you have an inborn predilection for Saturnian careers such as construction/building, agriculture, and large companies. Remember, synergizing Saturn and the South Node does not mean running away from these systems and structures. Rather, it is your absolute duty to practice alternative approaches that are Earth-friendly and life-affirming, even when you see very little material return from this. 

And it is a responsibility that you are especially equipped to handle. You can step into a channel of divine Saturn and ride the wave. Remember, not all traditions and institutions are exploitative. Learning from Earth’s few intact indigenous cultures, or studying those which have moved on, can be an extremely potent pathway for you.

Saturn Conjunct the South Node – Karmic Transfer

I write during the third and final perfection of Saturn’s 2019 conjunction with the South Node, an alignment that I wrote about in May and have been closely observing throughout its duration.

A term for the alignment that has coalesced in my head is Karmic Transfer. It’s unfortunately tied to banking terminology, but I’m imagining a bank of karma, and the goblins of karma are transferring it from one life to another. Here karma is something like destiny or life purpose—things that carry great weight, meaning, and potential, like a piece of land. A human life. Like a business or place of business, a home, a domesticated animal. Like the responsibility of nurturing our planet. 

The three conjunctions of Saturn and the South Node have occurred with the Sun in Taurus, Cancer, and Libra, signs that have significant orientations toward nature and beauty. Calls to action around climate change are in great saturation at the moment, while at the same time we are staring down an economic recession. Capricorn Saturn’s business powers (which by modern terms are inextricably tied to competition and capitalism) are weakened by its conjunction with the South Node; meanwhile Earth and her ways of unconditional lifegiving love are emerging through the opening.

I’m not going to leap into hopefulness or any results-based thinking. I am only noting what I observe. And when I take into account my belief that Saturn acts as a guardian for the outer planets (which are energetically geared toward our unity with each other and all beings), I’ve noticed both the beneficial and detrimental indications of those planets manifesting quite strongly since April’s initiating conjunction. A sampling:

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Saturn Conjunct the South Node in 2019

See my other writings:

Saturn and the South node conjoin on April 30, 2019, just as Saturn stations retrograde (the South Node’s primary direction). Usually, this once-per-twelve-year conjunction would only last about a week. But this time, they roll together in reverse, and Saturn is conjunct the South Node for six months! Thus, a short opportunity for karmic balancing becomes a major energetic influence.

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Saturn’s Role in the Divinities

I have been cooking up some longer-form writings that go along with Saturn’s conjunction with the South Node from now through October. Intuitively, I was led to focus on this extended conjunction, and I have found a whole lot of meaning and focus—and even a shimmer of light for the world in the midst of the anthropocene. What follows was written in a burst following the writing of my previous post inspired by the book Of Water and the Spirit. It concerns Saturn’s role in the protection of indigenous and magical traditions and truths.

Saturn’s Role in the Divinities

When I think of the sacred healing modalities in astrological terms, I see them reflected in the planets who orbit the Sun outside of Saturn. Uranus, the ruler of astrology; Neptune, a magnet of emotional and psychic insight; Chiron and soul-sprung healing; and Pluto of the underworld, where deep shifts and true transformation begin. These planets are invisible to the naked eye, and so were not discovered until thousands of years after astrology as we know it was first taking form. For these millenia, Saturn was known as the most distant planet in our solar system, and so it carried indications of endings, limits, boundaries, and borders.

The truth that revealed itself in time is that Saturn is a guardian of the magical outer planets, and so in order to properly harness and engage with their magic, a person must pass first through Saturn’s rites. Without enduring Saturn’s lessons, we cannot properly respect the power of the outer planets. In intact indigenous cultures, this equates to initiation. Of course, in dominant culture, we have nothing like initiation. But Saturn doesn’t care. Everyone who lives to see their thirties goes through a Saturn return, and this initiation is formed around the birth chart and life circumstances of each person.

Improper (and dangerous) practitioners of the divinities are those who lack a developed respect and reverence—Saturn lessons—for their tradition, be it astrology, tarot, shamanic journeying, energy work, etc. Saturn will always stand guard before the bridge that connects humankind with the magical practices and access to greater truth. In traditional cultures, rituals, initiations and tribal elders serve in this Saturnine role. In modern dominant culture, however, Saturn has become terribly polluted, and perhaps mortally injured, in its guardianship of the sacred.

For numerous off-base reasons, dominant culture teaches little-to-no respect for the aging population. Their wisdom is dismissed as out-of-touch with a rapidly-changing world with limited capacity for the creative reflection which would translate elders’ lessons into applicable teachings. Dominant culture has replaced elderhood with institutional, dueling authorities on Truth: science and religion. The integrity of these institutions is constantly derailed by their adherence to modern times’ hulkingest power and the most tragic manifestation of Saturn: capitalism, its foundation of false scarcity leading to greed and competition, and the cruelty inherent.

For the time over which these trends have developed, the divinities have been skillfully casted into irrelevance by manifestations of the polluted Saturn. Nonetheless, they still exist in some form, and are practiced and appreciated by a small portion of the population. Saturn’s 2020 conjunctions with Pluto will perhaps help heal dominant culture’s darkly mutated forms of the planet, and the journey toward a more healthy Saturn may indeed begin. But whether or not this occurs, spiritual practitioners have a duty to uphold their traditions, and to pass their ancient knowledge on to descending generations. Along with the world’s intact traditional cultures, these orphaned diviners—outside of the rare, misaligned practitioners—still have some semblance or variation of a properly functioning, spirit-protecting Saturn. And perhaps that will serve the world to come as our disconnected populations search for grounding.